Mansfield is a vibrant, diverse, and caring community that offers its residents and visitors unique cultural, recreational, and educational opportunities. Known for its excellent public schools, community-wide events, inclusive and efficient government, parks and preserves, protected open spaces, and agriculture, the town is home to the main campus of the University of Connecticut. Principles of sustainability guide zoning and development, preserving the town’s historic character and providing for economic vitality including the Downtown Partnership initiatives. Come and enjoy the beauty and historic traditions that Mansfield has offered for more than 300 years.Mansfield Town Hall

Incorporated in 1702, the Town of Mansfield was part of a tract of land acquired from the Mohegans by a group of settlers in Norwich. Most of the first settlers were farmers, and Mansfield has remained largely a rural town. Rivers powered saw mills and grist mills from the early days, and during the nineteenth century mainly textiles, but also steel products, bits and augers, bells, bronze cannons, gunpowder, and organ pipes, were manufactured in Mansfield. The first silk mill in the United States was built at Hanks Hill in 1810, and for many years, Mansfield led the country in silk production.Image result for mansfield ct

The Storrs Agricultural School was established in 1881 and became the University of Connecticut, now one of the largest employers in eastern Connecticut. The University is the flagship university for the State of Connecticut with a local student population of close to 17,000. U.S. News and World Report has named the University of Connecticut as the number one public research university in New England, and in the top 25 in the nation. Image result for mansfield ct

Today, Mansfield serves as a regional cultural center with its many theater, music, and museum programs. Come and enjoy the beauty and historic traditions that the Town of Mansfield has offered for more than 300 years!

Zip: 06249
Incorporated: 1702
Area: 55 square miles
Population: 25,969
Form of Government: Board of Selectmen 

Animal Control (860)487-0137
Assessor (860)429-7785
Fire Department (860)429-3323
Fire Marshal (860)429-3328
Library (860)423-2501
Police  (860)429-3357
Resident Trooper (860)429-6024
Tax Collector (860)429-3307
Town Clerk (860)429-3302
Town Hall (860)429-3336
Parks and Recreation (860)429-3015
Town Manager (860)429-3336
Public Works (860)429-3676
Transfer Station (860)429-7189
Goodwin Elementary School (860)429-6316
Southeast Elementary School  (860)423-2793 
Vinton Elementary School  (860)423-3086 
Mansfield Middle School (860)429-9341
E.O. Smith High School  (860)487-0877