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Brooklyn was once part of the lands claimed by Mohegan chief, Uncas.  The land, deeded in 1680 to Captain James Fitch, was sold to the first local settlers in 1703.  It was settled as part of the towns of Canterbury and Pomfret with the northeastern third having separate existence as the manorial estate of Mortlake.

Mortlake had been purchased in 1686 as a refuge for Puritans who were forced out of England with the Stuart restoration.  It was not part of any town and hence neither collected taxes nor provided services to the tenants residing within its bounds.

The town of Brooklyn was incorporated in 1786 and in 1819 became the county seat.  The large homes, the jail, the courthouse now used as the Town Hall, all reflect this period of prominence which continued through part of the nineteenth century.  The Agricultural Association was formed about 1820 and continues to attract visitors with the annual fair.

In more recent times, Brooklyn has developed into two distinct areas.  The central and western parts have continued along a residential and rural path, whereas the eastern sector has become predominantly commercial.

The rural colonial beauty of Brooklyn Center has been preserved in spite of the fact that the Town is the fastest growing community in Windham County.  Many of the old churches and homes have been restored.  Brooklyn Center is listed on The National Register of Historic Places and the Brooklyn Green Historic District.  Efforts are underway to establish a town Historic District.

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Zip: 06234
Incorporated: 1786
Area: 29.1 square miles
Population: (1990 census) 6,740
Form of Government: Town Meeting/ Board of Selectmen
Mill Rate: 20.84
Building Inspector (860)779-3411
Dog Warden (Dogs licensed in June) (860)774-8714
Fire Department 911
Fire Marshall (860)779-0472
Judge of Probate (860)774-5973
Public Library (860)774-0649
Selectmen (860)779-3411
State Police (Troop D) (800) 974-8828
Superintendent of Schools (860)774-9153
Tax Assessor (860)774-5611
Tax Collector (860)774-4072
Town Clerk (860)774-9543
Town Garage (860)774-2435
Zoning (860)779-3411
Parks & Recreation (860)774-5464
Brooklyn Elementary School (K-4) (860)774-7577
Brooklyn Middle School (860)774-9153