First Fridays Mill Town Mosaics: Polish-American Heritage

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May 4, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Downtown Putnam
Main Street
Putnam, CT 06260

First Fridays in Downtown Putnam CT 2018 Theme is
Mill Town Mosaics: Cultural Heritage of the Quiet Corner in northeast Connecticut. 

First Fridays Mill Town Mosaics: Polish-American Heritage event line up: 

• 6pm – festival starts with National Anthem, performed by: singers from The Woodstock Academy on the stage at the Congregational Church of Putnamlawn. (plan to stick around for the evening as these talented performers will also do a few scenes from their upcoming show “Shrek”! 

Entertainment: Be ready to enjoy the chance to kick up your heels and dance the night away, sing along, clap, tap & snap at TWO locations! Bring a lawn chair so you can sit & rest for a bit, too! 

• On the Congregational Church of Putnam Lawn: 

• Next to The Crossings Restaurant & Brew Pub
Junkyard Heartstrings

• Other entertainment: 
The Woodstock Academy performs snippets of their upcoming show “SHREK”

• Community Arts table for the kiddos will offer: 

• Volunteer Superstars of the Month: Green Valley Crossing

• Cultural Celebration Station, hosted by The Last Green Valley (look for their green tent) and engagement with: 
The Mill Museum

• Vendors to visit: 

• Local businesses are offering: 


For the 8th season of First Fridays, The Putnam Business Associationinvites the public to celebrate the mosaic of diverse local history and culture with a celebration of Northeastern Connecticut’s mill towns.

Driving through the scenic towns of the region, it is commonplace to pass brick and stone mill buildings set alongside powerful rivers. Some mills have been revitalized, but many have been lost to time. These structures represent more than just a bygone era of industrialism; they symbolize much of our local cultural heritage.

At the turn of the 19th century, Samuel Slater introduced the concept of inviting entire families to move to factory towns. Next to the factories, houses were built for the new workers. Company stores and company-financed civic buildings filled the streets of the towns. 

Many current residents of our community are a product of our small mill towns, with roots and deep memories extending to Canada, Poland, Greece, Finland, and other parts of the globe. 

Each month, First Fridays will celebrate the mosaic of our Quiet Corner Heritage, with art, music, food, dance, family memories and more! 

Be sure to visit our Cultural Celebration Station each month!

MAY 4th celebrates Polish-Americans. 

Most Polish-Americans are descended from the first wave of immigrants (from 1870 to 1914), when an estimated 1.5 million fled poverty and starvation in Germany, Russia and Galicia. They are called the za chlebem, or ‘for bread’ immigrants, because most were landless and poor. A large number were Jewish, escaping persecution.

They came to New England to work in the factories, primarily textile mills. They came in family groups and settled in neighborhoods with large Slavic populations. 

Discover cultural topics like “Śmigus-Dyngus” (Wet Monday), share your Pierogi and Gobalki recipes and more! 

Did you know: “Śmigus-Dyngus” (Wet Monday), which is observed the day after Easter, started as a tradition of using willow branches to sprinkle water on your loved ones as a symbol of cleansing, purity and fertility. Now it’s a soak fest!

Stay tuned for details to be added to this event as they come!

The 1st addition to May’s First Fridays Mill Town Mosaics: Polish-American Heritage event will be pop-up performances by The Woodstock Academyfeaturing their big show this year! 
Shrek the musical!