Andover Connecticut is a small New England town, of approximately 3,600 residents, nestled in the hills of Tolland County in Northeastern Connecticut. Andover is managed by a Board of Selectman guided by Town Meetings.

Several small rivers and streams flow through the town including, the Hop River, Burnap Brook, Staddle Brook, and the Skungamaug River. The Bear Swamp Brook runs through the Nathan Hale State Forest located in the northeast corner of town. The State owned Bishop’s Conservation Area is located in the southwest corner of the town and includes the 53 ac. Bishop Swamp (Jurovaty) Pond. Andover Lake is a 155 ac. private lake in the southeast corner that provides recreational opportunities to its members. The Doris Chamberlain Nature preserve with small pond and walking trails is located on Route 316 near School Road.

Andover’s rural character remains unspoiled with farmlands, stone walls, and historic homes dotting the landscape. The original Town Hall of 1893 can be seen from Route 6 near the intersection with Route 316. The Old Town Hall now houses the town museum that is operated by the Historical Society. The current Town Office building is located on School Road between the town’s firehouse and the elementary School.

Passing through Andover is the Hop River State Park Trail, a 6-mile gravel and compact earth trail that is part of the 3,000 mile East Coast Greenway. It connects the Bolton portion of the trail way system with the Columbia portion at the town lines. It passes through Andover along Route 6, providing residents with opportunities for walking, bicycling and equestrian uses. The Veteran’s Memorial Field provides residents with recreational fields for baseball, softball, soccer and football events.

Write up provided by: Scott Yeomans, Andover Town Historian


Zip: 06232       
Incorporated: 1848
Area: 15.7 square miles
Form of Government: Town Meeting/ Board of Selectmen/ Board of Finance

Animal Control (860)428-7684
Assessor (860)742-7305 X5
Fire Marshal (860)742-
Library (860)742-7428
Parks & Recreation (860)774-5464
Police (860)779-4900
Resident Troopers (860)465-5400
Selectmen (860)742-7305
Tax Collector (860)742-4035 X4
Town Clerk (860)742-0188 X2
Town Hall (860)742-7305
Transfer Station (860)742-4049
Andover Elementary (860)742-7339
RHAM Middle School (860)228-9423
RHAM High School (860)228-9474
Superintendent of School (860)228-2115