Although Putnam was not made an official town until 1855, earliest settlement date is around 1691 when a road was extended from Providence, RI to Woodstock, CT.  Initial settlers were engaged in agriculture.  The rich, fertile land and abundant water were the reasons for their locating here.

Grist mills, blacksmith shops, trip hammer and fulling mills grew up around Cargill Falls.  Mr. Smith Wilkinson and some family members came from Rhode Island in 1806, bought the mill complex, and built the first cotton textile mill in Windham County.  The second textile mill was built further upstream by James Rhodes in 1827.  Formation of the Union Block and Main Street commercial districts followed the coming of the Norwich and Worcester Railroad in 1839.

The Town of Putnam was named after General Israel Putnam – famous for cautioning his men at Bunker Hill, “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.”.

Larger textile mills followed, bringing about a need for laborers filled by immigrants from Canada and Europe.  The population increased enough for Putnam to become a city in 1895. This made available increased services for the townspeople.

In August of 1955, Putnam was devastated by a major flood.  Since the mid 1970’s, Putnam has rebuilt and progressed rapidly – expanding industry and population.  Putnam today is a bustling commercial, governmental, and cultural center containing Day Kimball Hospital, a branch of the Connecticut Superior Court and the Department of Motor Vehicles.  The town has also become well known as the Antique Capital of the Northeast and a unique dining destination with restaurants accommodating everyone’s tastes.  Historic sites include many early mills and mansions of mill owners.

Zip: 06260
Settled: 1691
Incorporated: 1855
Area: 20.4 square miles
Form of Government: Mayor / Board of Selectmen / Town Meeting
Mill Rate: 15.07, District 1: 8.4, District 2: 1.5, District 3: 1.0

Animal Control(860)963-6804
Economic Delevopment(860)963-6834
Fire Department(860)928-2919
Fire Marshal(860)963-6803
Parks and Recreation(860)963-6811
Public Library(860)963-6826
Tax Collector(860)963-6806
Town Administrator(860)963-6800
Town Clerk(860)963-6807
Town Hall(860)963-6807
Transfer Station(860)963-6813
Putnam Elementary School(860)963-6925
Putnam High School(860)963-6905
Putnam Middle School(860)963-6920
Superintendent of Schools(860)963-6900


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