The town of Windham was incorporated on May 12, 1692. Mohican Sachem Chief Joshua willed the land to sixteen men, most of whom resided in Norwich. The land called Windham consisted of what is now the towns of Windham (which includes Willimantic), Mansfield, Scotland, Chaplin, and Hampton.

The town of Windham is made up of four parts; North Windham, Windham Center, South Windham, and Willimantic. As with many towns with abundant river water-power, mills are a very large part of the history of the town. The mills sprang up around the Willimantic River in the borough of Willimantic, while Windham remained a farming community.

Not unlike the days of yore, the people of Windham stand ready to face the challenges of the future with the same passions, determination and zest for life that have been the totems of their past.

To any and all, we welcome you to join us as we seek to engage the spirit of this community that has never shied away from any challenge, that has always been willing to shoulder its fair share of local and regional responsibility and continues to celebrate its diversity as an icon of its enduring strength.

Zip: 06249
Incorporated: 1692
Area: 27.9 square miles
Population: 24,727
Form of Government: Town Manager

Animal Control (860)465-3087
Assessor (860)465-3026
Fire Department (860)465-3120
Fire Marshal (860)465-3044
Library (860)465-3079
Police  (860)465-3135
Resident Trooper (860)465-3138
Tax Collector (860)465-3029
Town Clerk (860)465-3013
Town Hall (860)465-3000
Parks and Recreation (860)465-3046
Town Manager (860)465-3000
Public Works (860)465-3090
Transfer Station (860)426-5102
Windham Childhood Center (860)465-2627
Natchaug Elementary School (860)465-2380 
North Windham Elementary School (860)465-2400 
Windham Center Elementary School (860)465.2440
Sweeney Elementary School (860)465-2420 
Charles H. Barrows STEM Academy (860)465-2610
Windham Middle School (860)465-2350
Windham High School (860)465-2460