Originally part of the long, narrow area called Voluntown, the northern section separated and obtained town privileges from the Connecticut General Assembly on the Second Thursday of May, 1794.  The name given was that of a temporary resident, Dr. John Sterling, who had promised the town a library in return for the honor.  Dr. Sterling failed to make good on his promise, but a library was obtained by soliciting private donations.

The first Town Meeting was held on June 9, 1794, at a home on Sterling Hill.  The first post office was established at Sterling Hill on October 1, 1809.  The American Manufacturing Company, also known as Potter’s Factory, was the first cotton mill in Sterling.  It was situated on Quandock River about the year 1800.  The Sterling Manufacturing Company, located on the Moosup River, was established in 1808.

Throughout its history, Sterling’s economy has developed around two primary industries – farming and manufacturing.  The agricultural industry still thrives in Sterling today.  Unfortunately, the manufacturing industry in Sterling suffered a major setback in March 1980 when the Revere Textile Company plant was completely destroyed by fire.  This conflagration did more than destroy buildings, it destroyed the economic heart of a thriving community.  Almost two hundred jobs were lost due to this fire.  However, Sterling, like the mythological Phoenix, shall rise from the ashes to its former position as a thriving community.  The development of the Town of Sterling Industrial Park was the first step to that rise.

Zip: 06377
Incorporated: 1794
Area: 27.2 square miles
Form of Government: Board of Selectmen / Town Meeting
Mill Rate: 31.5

Animal Control(860)774-1253
Fire Department – Oneco(860)564-7425
Fire Department – Sterling(860)564-7435
Fire Marshall(860)564-7836
Parks & Recreation(860)564-2136
Tax Collector(860)564-7563
Town Clerk(860)564-2657
Town Hall(860)564-1660
Transfer Station(860)564-7750
Sterling Memorial School(860)564-2728


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